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Our Passion: Connecting You To Life In Christ

Pastors Brian and Kari are on the front line of the new generation of “Pastors” being raised up in the world today. They are committed to ministering and demonstrating the heart and mind of Christ as they are used to set people free from the bondage of sin, and introduce them to a new intimacy with God.

Brian and Kari are also the Lead Pastors of Breakthrough Church, which is located in Union Gap, Wash. Together with their amazing team, they are committed to reach this generation that is asleep spiritually, and searching for their purpose. Brian and Kari are equipping the emerging generation for spiritual, social and economic influence. They love their city and are passionate about serving people everywhere!

Pastor Brian has been ordained since 2002. Brian and Kari have ministered as pastors for over 23 years and have a passion for people to walk in their call. Brian and Kari have three amazing daughters Mariah, Alexis, and Seri. They believe ministry should be a team effort with their girls ministering along side of them. They believe our children have set on the side lines for too long, we are ready to release all generations into their calling. They believe if we can reach this generation by 12 and younger you will not have to rescue them at 21.

Brian and Kari are committed to the local church as it moves into these last days with power and purpose. They believe in equipping and releasing every person into the call God has placed on their lives.